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Federal Grant Funding Opportunities

Federal grant funding is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our society. If you run a nonprofit and are not competing for federal funding, ask yourself why.

What is holding you back? The Biden administration is highly supportive of the social sector. The support isn't always touted in the headlines, but help is real, as is opportunity. The Agencies under the Executive Branch are working hard to support nonprofits with an extra emphasis on local support.

If your organization isn't ready for federal grant acquisition, think about partnering with a larger or for-profit organization. In the majority of opportunities, Agencies are looking for partnerships,

As a general rule of thumb, if more than 50% of the opportunity is carried about by a 501(c)(3) or other qualifying nonprofit, your proposal is still compliant in terms of the entity type described in the federal notice/solicitation. The 51/49% split isn't ideal - only used to illustrate that opportunities you may have ruled out because of a difficult delivery may still be possible with the right collaboration strategy.

Think big. Think partnerships. Do good work.

  • Affordable Connectivity Outreach Grant Program - Pilot Program Grants, Federal Communications Commission January 09, 2023

  • Solid Waste Infrastructure For Recycling (SWIFR) Grant Program for Political Subdivisions of States and Territories, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency January 16, 2023

  • Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants, USDA Rural Utilities Service January 30, 2023

  • YouthBuild, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration February 07, 2023

  • NEA Grants for Arts Projects 1, FY2024, National Endowment for the Arts February 09, 2023

  • FY 2023 National Infrastructure Investments RAISE Transportation Discretionary Grants, U.S. Department of Transportation February 28, 2023

  • Rural Business Development Grants, USDA Rural Development February 28, 2023

  • Agriculture Innovation Center Grant Program, USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service March 06, 2023

  • NEA Challenge America, FY2024, National Endowment for the Arts April 27, 2023

  • Community Economic Development Planning Grants, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families May 15, 2023

Stay tuned as the Digest expands.


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