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Climate Funding Gold Rush

What can I say? Time is here. Time is now.

The Inflation Reduction Act Opportunities

"The Inflation Reduction Act is aimed squarely at building a better America and delivering on President Biden’s vision to make sure the United States—powered by American workers—remains the global leader in clean energy technology, manufacturing, and innovation. The Inflation Reduction Act’s $370 billion in investments will lower energy costs for families and small businesses, accelerate private investment in clean energy solutions in every sector of the economy and every corner of the country, strengthen supply chains for everything from critical minerals to efficient electric appliances, and create good-paying jobs and new economic opportunities for workers." - White House Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook

Justice40 Opportunities

"What is a covered Justice40 investment? Covered Federal investments include any grant or procurement spending, financing, staffing costs, or direct spending or benefits to individuals for a covered program in a Justice40 category." - White House

Rural Business-Cooperative Service, USDA.

The Rural Business-Cooperative Service (the Agency) is issuing a second Notice of Solicitation of Applications (Notice) under the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

This second notice announces the availability of $1.055 billion in Inflation Reduction Act funds across six quarterly cycles to be obligated by September 30, 2024. The types of projects that qualify for a federal grant share must not exceed 50 percent of the project cost, a set-aside for underutilized renewable energy technologies (underutilized technologies), as well as scoring revisions to support Administration priorities.

Applications received on or after April 1, 2023, will be evaluated and scored according to the provisions listed in this Notice, unless otherwise amended via a subsequent notice. The Notice will not be applied retroactively to any applications previously filed. However, a portion of the funding made available under this notice may be made available to add to pooled funds to fund any Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 applications submitted prior to March 31, 2023, with no other changes in funding provisions or scoring allowed.

Rural Energy for America Program Department of Agriculture Rural Business-Cooperative Service

Funding Opportunity Number:


Funding Opportunity Title:

Rural Energy for America Program

Funding Instrument Type:


Expected Number of Awards:


CFDA Number(s):

10.868 -- Rural Energy for America Program

Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:


Last Updated Date:

Apr 14, 2023

Current Closing Date for Applications:

Sep 30, 2024 

Applications accepted year-round through September 30, 2024.

Estimated Total Program Funding: $1,055,003,000

Award Ceiling:


Award Floor:


USDA’s Rural Business-Cooperative Service offers programs to help businesses grow as well as job training for people living in rural areas. 

  1. Supporting business growth and development.

  2. Assisting with creating wealth and supporting rural America.

  3. Improving the effectiveness of programs serving cooperatives

  4. Creating and keeping jobs through recreation as well as restoring, conserving and managing rural America’s natural resources.

  5. Bringing fast internet to more homes and businesses.



Administrator's Office

USDA Rural DevelopmentRural Business-Cooperative Service

1400 Independence Ave. SW,

Rm 5803-S STOP 3201

Washington, DC 20250-3201

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