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Make sure you are positioned for a win!

The first question I ask my clients: Is there a consolidated place for basic information about your organization and its programs? The majority say no.

Consolidate your essential information in one place that is accessible to everyone on the team — which might mean just you. Basic organized information is what you need to get you to the next level.


Most funders/grant-makers require the same exact information. Make sure your information is easily accessible to you.


This seems like a no-brainer but organizations from small to large are so eager for funding or to appease a stakeholder that they overlook this critical step.


Writing grant proposals is similar to filling out college applications.


Most large foundations and corporate funders use the same exact website provider ( whose template each funder customizes based on its needs.


Most of the required questions and documents will be the same. You will be entering similar information over and over.


Having your info consolidated in one spot equals:


- more efficiency

- more productivity

- cost savings

- preemptively prevent reoccurring unnecessary confusion

- fewer time constraints

- finding your flow — rhythm


Start gathering before moving forward.


The converse of this is going on a 14-day trip and deciding what to pack on day 7.

In regards to software, it can be a hindrance rather than a help. Any shared collaborative drive you can create in 20 minutes will build momentum.


Although most of the info you’ll be retrieving and reworking is public info; please make sure to follow your organization’s security policies.


If you’re not sure what product to use; use Google Drive. It works. Google has made a large commitment to assist nonprofits which I’ll write about in a separate piece.


Create simple well well-labeled folders with dates. It’s basic.


Having a beginner’s mind is your greatest asset.


Sales guys call it “being teachable.” Don’t overthink or overcomplicate.


Every process needs structure.


In an even broader sense, the main key to your success in winning grant proposals will be your ability to quickly and consistently retrieve the accurate information you need.


Think of your role within your organization as a microprocessor in a computer. Successful smooth operations depend on quick easy access to information.


How does it feel when your computer freezes up or is processing slowly? Exactly.


I am writing an article that will give key immediately helpful tips on what you will need for effectively organized grant researching and proposal writing.

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